Create Your Perfect Skin Routine in 3 simple steps (+ a free ebook!)

Skin Routine 3 Steps

We all know how important a daily customised skin routine is to the health of our skin. With our skin being exposed to so many toxins throughout the day - pollution, stress and anxiety and the foods we ingest (just to name a few) - we need to ensure that we're using the right products and using these products properly.

Unfortunately, taking care of your skin isn't as simple as pulling a beautifully packaged cleanser off the shelf at your local cosmetics store and lathering it on your face (trust me, I wish it was!) It takes much more than that, and although having clear and healthy skin doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, it does take knowledge! 

Having clear and healthy skin takes knowledge about:

  • your skin type

  • which products compliment your skin type, and

  • when and how these products should be used.

But don't let this overwhelm you beautiful! Once you have the knowledge you need and a customised skin routine in place, you'll be well on your way to having the kind of skin that will have you proudly taking selfies all day long!

I go into a LOT of detail about these practices in my free ebook, 'Create Your Perfect Skin Routine - 3 Easy Steps' which you can download here. But let me give you an overview to get you started!

1. Cleanse 

While we all know that the first step to beautiful skin in a daily skin routine is to cleanse, most people don't know how to cleanse properly (yes, there is a right and a wrong way to cleanse!) Not only are there particular times of the day when we should be cleansing, the type of cleanser we should use is very much dependent on our skin type. There are three types of skin - oily, normal and sensitive/combination and there are different types of cleansers (such as gel or cream cleansers) that are best suited to each type of skin. When we use cleansers that are not right for us, and when we're not cleansing when we should be, our skin can become irritated, we may get pimples and it may look imbalanced and unhealthy. 

You can find out more about how to cleanse your skin properly, and which type of cleanser you should be using for your skin type in my free ebook, 'Create Your Perfect Skin Routine - 3 Easy Steps'.

2. Exfoliate

While most people know that they need to cleanse their skin a number of times per day, many are stumped when it comes to knowing how often they should exfoliate. I've had many new clients tell me that they exfoliate once a day! This is scary because daily exfoliation is something I rarely recommend. In fact, we can do damage to our skin when we exfoliate too much because it strips the skin of its natural oils and weakens the strength of the skin barrier. Again, it all comes down to your skin type. Different skin types need to be exfoliated at different regularities in order to ensure optimal health. Yes, we need to exfoliate to prevent a build up of oil, dirt and dead skin, but we must also be careful not to strip our skin of it's natural oils so that it can function normally.

You can find out more about how often you should be exfoliating for each of the skin types in my free ebook, 'Create Your Perfect Skin Routine - 3 Easy Steps'.

3. Moisturise

Many people don't realise that they need to be using two different moisturisers every day - a daily moisturiser and an overnight skin treatment (don't worry, they don't have to be crazy expensive!) This is because our skin needs certain things at different times of the day. Of a daytime, our skin needs protection against the sun and other elements (yes, even if you're sitting in an office all day!) Of a night-time, our skin needs nourishment and hydration. Unfortunately for us consumers, these needs cannot be met in one product.  

I talk more about choosing the perfect moisturisers for your skin in my free ebook, 'Create Your Perfect Skin Routine - 3 Easy Steps'.

Like I said earlier beautiful, don't let choosing the right products for your skin and creating the perfect skin routine overwhelm you. Once you know what skin type you have, what types of products best suit each skin type and how to use them, you're well on your way to having the crystal clear and selfie worthy skin you dream of.

Remember, I'm always here to help. You can download a free copy of my ebook 'Create Your Perfect Skin Routine - 3 Easy Steps' here or contact me on InstagramFacebook or Pinterest. If you're looking for some one on one guidance then don't hesitate to reach out. You can book in for a complimentary 15 minute skin consultation with me here

P.S. My free ebook 'Create Your Perfect Skin Routine - 3 Easy Steps' also contains a list of my favourite cleansing tools, affirmations for clear and healthy skin, AND a printable 30 day daily skin routine checklist!