Hello Summer Skin

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Summer, my favourite time of the year, is nearly upon us! Hello: sunshine, delicious spritzers, açai bowls, tans and good times! After a chilly Winter, I say ‘bring it on!’

If you’re skin obsessed like me, you probably spent much of Winter preparing yourself for the warmer months by gifting your skin nourishing treatments and being sure to use the right products for the season. Or perhaps you just stayed tucked up at home with the heater and Netflix and didn’t think about your skin for three months - that’s okay too! Haha.

But now definitely is the time to start thinking more seriously about the health of your skin because as wonderful as the warmer months are, they can also create a lot of damage and turmoil to our face and body and we need to make sure we’re protecting them in the best way possible.

My top tips for caring for your skin in Summer

Adopt a basic but consistent skincare routine (I have a great free ebook that is due to be released very soon that will gift you all the information you need to know about how to do this. Be the first to know when it hits the virtual shelves). Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising WITH SPF PROTECTION are a must during the warmer months!

Speaking of moisturisers, be sure to add a hydrating moisturiser to your skincare routine. I suggest using one that contains aloe vera and cucumber to ensure that the skin is receiving both hydration (water) and moisture (oil).

Use a Vitamin C serum. Although I recommend using a Vitamin C serum all year round, this liquid gold is a must have during Summer. Vitamin C boosts collagen, increasing firmness, elasticity and suppleness. And who doesn’t want more of that good stuff?!

Dry body brush. I cannot rave enough about dry body brushing for both skin, and deeper cellular health. Dry body brushing exfoliates, tones muscles, detoxes, stimulates circulation and aids digestion (just to name a few of it miraculous benefits). If you’re not currently dry body brushing, then it’s time to get on it my friend!

Slip, slop, slap! Haha, does anybody else remember the old slip, slop, slap rule from the primary school yard? Well, it seems our teachers were right after all! Whenever you’re out in the sun it’s essential that you’re slipping on some form of clothing protection, slopping on some sunscreen and slapping on a hat! What was once dorky is now cool and absolutely essential to the long term health of our skin.

Now despite all this, I know that some of you (probably myself included) are going to spend a little too much time at the beach and get yourselves sunburnt, at some point this Summer. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to keep your sunburn as painless as possible!

Here’s my tips for treating sunburn

Use Aloe Vera after you come out of the sun to heal and nourish your skin.

Do NOT exfoliate.

Have a hot shower to open your pores and release the heat that’s trapped under your skin, and then turn the temperature to cold.

If you peel, DON’T pick it! As tempting as it is, just let nature run its course. Your skin will heal much more quickly this way.

Now lastly, let’s talk tanning. I really couldn’t write an article about Summer Skin and not talk about tanning now, could I!


As much as I’m a lover of natural tanning in the sunshine (with the use of a high quality sunscreen of course!), I’m not a huge fan of fake tanning oils. The colour is often uneven, they’re the #1 contributor to pigmentation and, although you may not see the damage they are doing to your skin and appearance now, it will become more apparent as you age.

If you do use them, be sure to use a good quality one that has SPF protection (this is a MUST!) and make sure you wash it off and moisturise as soon as you’re out of the sun. Why? Because just as you wouldn’t leave oil on your face and risk a breakout, you don’t want to leave it on your body and do the same!

Here’s to an epic Summer beautiful lady! Let’s eat fresh foods, drink plenty of water and take care of our skin!

Crystal. X

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