Why You Need to Take a Holistic Approach to Your Skin Care

Holistic skin care by Crystal Skin Secret

Have you ever noticed that no-one’s skin magically clears up after they use an ‘overnight wonder cream’? That no-one who eats an unhealthy diet has acne free skin? And that people who don’t drink much water have skin that looks dry and lifeless?

Clever marketing campaigns would have us believe that it’s easy to heal acne and treat other  problematic skin conditions with one little ointment/treatment/pill … but this is far from the truth.

Although there’s no ‘quick fix’ for skin conditions, the good news is that there is a way to get the clear and healthy skin you yearn for.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I love getting regular skin treatments and dousing my skin in high quality products on the daily. But this is just one side of the story ...

I also love eating fresh foods and having minimal sugar.

I recruit the support of health professionals like Nutritionists and Dieticians.

I drink at least 2L of water a day.

I move my body and sweat out toxins as often as I can.

I get a good amount of Vitamin D but also ensure that I protect my skin from the sun.

I respect my body and give it the down time it needs when it asks for it.

I speak kind words to myself and try to be as positive and grateful as I can be, even when the going gets tough.

And yes, of course, I treat my skin to delicious treatments and products.

It’s ALL of these things - each and every one of these magical ingredients put together - that gift me the clear skin I have today.

My skin coaching clients are often amazed at how easily and quickly their skin heals when they take a holistic approach to the health of their skin, just like I do. After having tried every medication and product on the market and seeing no results, their lives are completely revolutionised when they start learning how to take care of themselves from the inside out and enlist the support of myself and my team.

If you’re someone who has tried, time and time again, to heal your skin to no avail, then I invite you to join me to finally experience the changes you’ve been seeking. I can almost guarantee that you will see significant changes to the appearance of your skin if you follow the advice that myself and my team gift you and embrace the journey with an open mind and heart.

If now is your time to take your skin and general health to the next level, I encourage you to:

  • Book in a complimentary 15 minute skin consultation with me here, and

  • Join my team and I in The Health Style Emporium - a 16 week holistic health and wellness online program that will help you completely overhaul your health and skin!

The Health Style Emporium is run by a group of Health Professionals (including myself!) who are available to you at any time of the day to guide and support you. The program is tailored to you - your goals, your budget and your lifestyle.

Although 1:1 coaching is AMAZING (and of course, I offer this as a standalone service if that’s what you’d prefer), The Health Style Emporium puts you face to face (thanks technology!) with qualified Nutritionists, Dieticians and Health Coaches. Magic truly does happen when you recruit the support of a dynamite team like this!

You can find out more about The Health Style Emporium here and my one on one coaching services here. Feel free to email me with any questions you have.

Here’s to beautiful skin and health that radiates from the inside out!

Crystal. X