How To Deal With Bad Days

How To Deal With Bad Days

As nice as it would be for life to run smoothy, predictably, and be filled with endless ‘sunshine and rainbows’, we all have bad days.

You know the days where nothing seems to go right? When the simplest of things feel really hard? When you’re so drained your brain switches to ‘off’ mode at 9AM? When you feel so flat that even the thought of stepping out of the house makes you feel overwhelmed?

I know I’m not alone!

I’ll be honest and say that I find these bad days challenging. The struggle is R.E.A.L and there’s nothing I’d love to do more than press fast-forward and morph into my ‘best self’ again (or curl up in a dark room with endless açai bowls and Netflix - that’d be nice too!)

But of course, life doesn’t come with a fast-forward button and in order to thrive (and not just survive), we need to learn and actively implement skills that help us cope when times get tough.

So, how do I deal with days like these?

I rest. I re-shuffle my work (it’s one of the perks of self employment!), create space to sleep and have early nights. I know I’m not my most productive self, nor do I produce high quality work when I need to rest, so I make it a priority!

I fuel my body. When I feel ‘off’ I make sure that my precious energy is not being used up digesting heavy foods. I want to heal, not feel even more depleted, and eating light nutritious foods and staying hydrated helps me get back to my most vibrant self more quickly.

I shift my mindset. If I feel my thoughts slipping into a negative mindset (you know, the ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I should be doing more’, ‘what the heck am I doing with my life’, thoughts), I stop and do something that makes me feel good. Giving myself a facial, buying something for myself, reading and enjoying a beach walk are at the top of my list when it comes to feeling good. They (almost immediately) help me flip the switch in my mind, centre and calm me.

I remind myself that bad days are normal. I’m human and it’s a normal part of the human experience to have fluctuating emotions and feel better on some days than others. I also try my hardest not to label my more challenging days as ‘bad’ and something to be wished away and be grateful for the learnings they gift me.

Our bodies have an amazing way of showing us what we need and I’ve learned that feeling tired/flat/cranky/overwhelmed is often our body’s way of communicating what it needs from us (such as rest, getting out of our head and into our heart, movement, setting better boundaries, eating more nutritious foods, etc.) The key is for us to listen to it and gift it the TLC it needs.

How good are you at listening to and honouring the needs of your body?

As tempting as it can be to push ourselves when we’re feeling ‘off’ and continue ticking things off our to-do list, living life in this way can often be detrimental to our health. The next time you have a bad day I strongly encourage you to check in and ask yourself …

What is my body trying to tell me? What does it need from me right now?

Crystal. X

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