A Personal Update and Why I Updated My Brand

Crystal Skin Secret brand update

It’s been two years since I started Crystal Skin Secret. TWO YEARS! My goodness, she and I have been on a wild journey together since then! It’s been a roller coaster full of ups, downs, learnings and growth.

Crystal Skin Secret started as a platform for me to share the about skin products I loved and recommended. This work lit me up and I thought it would be my focus forevermore. As so often happens though, life had other plans and everything got put on hold when my Dad became super unwell at the beginning of the year. Family is everything to me so I naturally took a step back from my business to care for and support him.

Have you ever noticed that when things are turned upside down in one area of our lives, so often, everything else turns on it’s head and calls for us to reassess and reevaluate it? Our intimate relationships, friendships, living situation and particularly for me, my business.

My time away from my business helped me realise that I’d lost a bit of passion for what I was doing. I hadn’t taken the time to step back from Crystal Skin Secret in a long while to reassess what was lighting me up, what wasn’t and what needed to change going forward (something I HIGHLY recommend we all do, both in our businesses and personal lives!) Although this period of re-evaluating everything I knew was confronting and often left me thinking “WTAF am I even doing with my life?!” (haha, can you relate?) I see now that it was absolutely critical to my growth and future happiness. It was an awakening for me. Yes, I made less money. Yes, I often woke most days with a dark energy coursing through my body. Yes, at times I felt scared about my future and what it would look like. But it was all worth it.

Now I’m back with vengeance, renewed clarity and a deep knowing about what I’m here to do! #halle-freakin’-lujah! Just like getting a new haircut can help you feel renewed after a break up, a new website can reinvigorate you after a period of confusion in your business - so that’s what I did! I recruited the support of an incredible Copywriter and Web Designer and gave my online home an overhaul! Haha, I’m not so tech savvy so outsourcing is key for me! Do you love it??!!

So, what does the future of Crystal Skin Secret look like? Because everyone’s skin needs are so different and not one product fits all, I want to focus less on the what (aka what products to use) and more on the why (aka why people are experiencing the skin challenges that are showing up for them).

What this means is that from now on I’ll be educating people about:

  • Different skin types and their unique needs

  • The impact of mindset, lifestyle and diet on one’s skin

  • How the quality of one’s relationship with themselves, and their self talk, can impact their skin health

  • And of course, practical tips and guidance for achieving happy and healthy skin that radiates from the inside out.

I’m so excited to share more holistic skin health, wellness and self love tips with you in the future. There may even be a course in the works! Stay tuned!

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Thanks for being here and for being you!

Crystal. X