Why Self Love and Self Care Should Be Your Priority

Making self care your priority

I’ve prioritised many things in my life over the years, in order to find happiness - establishing my career, earning money, clearing my skin, getting fit, eating clean - the list goes on and on. What I see now, is that there’s only two things that really need to be prioritised if we wish to feel happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Those two things are … *drumroll please* … self love and self care.

The two go hand in hand. Someone who doesn’t love and respect themselves won’t invest time, energy and money into self care. They won’t see themselves as being worthy or deserving of it, and because of that, it won’t happen. Think about it - what person do you know, who has a negative relationship with themselves, invests in their wellbeing (I’m talking ‘healthy’ investments like a gym pass, not ‘unhealthy’ investments like alcohol)? Not many. If any.

Sadly, nearly every client I’ve worked with has started our time together by saying, ‘I wish I was …’. They wish they were skinnier/funnier/more successful/more beautiful/more motivated. Ever more sad than that, when I ask them what they love about themselves, many of them can’t respond.

This breaks my heart because without even knowing these women when we first begin our skin coaching journey together, I’m able to see so much beauty in them ...

They way some of them hold themselves with an air of elegance.

They way some of them express themselves so energetically.

The way some of them sit back, ponder and speak only when they’re ready.

The way some of them are so warm, inviting and welcoming.

As a society, and especially as women, it’s sadly become the norm to look at ourselves through a negative lens. We compare ourselves to others, focus far too much on our ‘flaws’ (which we all have!) and talk to ourselves cruelly.

I know because I’ve been there. But enough is enough! Let’s stop wasting time hating on ourselves, missing out on opportunities and experiencing pleasure, simply because we chose to tell ourselves that we’re not good enough.

Will it be an easy journey away from this mindset? No, definitely not. But I do believe it’s essential to living a life that feels good, is filled with joy and makes us want to get out of bed everyday! And that is what life is all about beautiful!

Which brings me to self care. As I said earlier, when we don’t love ourselves, it’s really hard to invest in our self care. But we must try. In fact, I’ve seen women start to love and appreciate themselves more because they’ve become dedicated to self care. Over time, these beautiful nourishing activities remind them that they are in fact wonderful/intelligent/creative/deserving/AWESOME humans who deserve all the happiness in the world.

If self care is new to you, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • It doesn’t have to be extravagant or cost anything! Self care is whatever makes you feel good and can be as simple as a walk in nature, reading a book, saying daily affirmations (my ebook 'Create Your Perfect Skin Routine' which can be downloaded here has some affirmations in it that you can use), taking a nap (one of my favourite things to do!), sitting with your journal or enjoying an at-home pamper session

  • Self care IS NOT selfish. Many of us fall into the trap of believing that if we do something for ourselves, we’re being unfair to, or neglectful of, those around us which is absolute B.S. We cannot give to other people in our lives if we ourselves are not ‘full’. Self care actually helps us be better mums/partners/friends/colleagues/bosses!

  • Very often, the goal we want to reach in life (for example - growing a successful business) requires us to step away from it, take a breather and look after ourselves. Burnout, stress and anxiety are not conducive to us reaching our dreams! Self care is key.

In a world so full of negativity, let’s start loving ourselves and show the rest of them how to do it! They say it takes 21 days to break a habit so for the next 21 days I challenge you to take 15 minutes out of your day to do something nourishing and loving for yourself. Trust me when I tell you to, ‘watch the magic happen’. It really will change your life.

Let me leave you with this thought beautiful - no one lives this life for you but YOU, so if YOU aren’t putting yourself first, then you’re letting YOU down. It’s time to shower yourself in love - you deserve it!

Crystal. X

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