Travelling + Skin Care

Travelling and skin care

I was lucky enough to spend five weeks in America over the Christmas/New Year period. You can read about my experience, ‘must see’s’ and ‘to-do’s’ (plus check out some fun photos!) here.

Unfortunately for me, my skin suffered while I was away - it dried out (badly!) which triggered my psoriasis and generally left me feeling flat and panicked. Of course, as a qualified Skin Therapist, I knew that my skin would have different needs while I was away. I always change my products between seasons so packed accordingly for America’s Winter. As it turns out, what my skin loves during Winter in Australia is not what my skin loves during Winter in America, and I had to modify and adapt.

Not only did my skin cop a beating, so did my health more generally. My digestion was more sensitive, the jet lag affected my emotions and energy, and the lack of routine shook me.

But there were some simple remedies I implemented that helped me immensely. If you have a trip coming up, here’s some things you can do to make your experience easier and less disruptive …

Drink plenty of water

Water is liquid magic. It hydrates our skin, wards off jet lag, aids our digestion and boosts our energy. I made sure I drank at least 2L of filtered water each day while I was away.

Eat clean

What we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put on our bodies. Yes, it’s okay to indulge while you’re away (I certainly did!) but for the most part, eating healthily is what our body needs to keep our skin clear, systems running smoothly and energy high. Plus, healthy food is DELICIOUS! I had some of the best healthy food of my life over in the States! Of course, I also took my fruit and veggie capsules with me (they go everywhere I go!) Contact me if you want more info about these!

Be kind to yourself

Having break-outs, feeling lethargic and being out of our normal routine can turn us into sensitive beings. That’s okay! Know that what you’re experiencing is totally normal and don’t beat yourself up about it.

In saying that though, make sure you’re taking care of yourself by doing things like drinking water (yes, I’m saying it again - it really is that important), taking days off from being a tourist when you need it, and infusing your days with structure and routine where you can.

Stick to your skincare routine

One way to counteract the imbalance we often feel when we travel and care for you skin at the same time, is to stick to your daily skincare routine. If you don’t currently have a skincare routine, you can download my free ebook 'Create Your Perfect Skin Routine - 3 Easy Steps’ here. Not only will your days be bookended with a self care practice, you’ll also feel like you have more structure and your skin will be glowing!

Play with your products

As I mentioned, the skincare products I took to the States with me didn’t ‘cut the mustard’ when it came to coping with the harsh American coldness. Instead of just persevering and suffering through my psoriasis though, I did something about it - I went shopping! Haha!

Thankfully I did because I discovered a great brand, ‘Drunk Elephant’. Their products nourished my skin in exactly the way it needed, they were fragrance free and I was helping elephants with each dollar spent through their charity work!

It’s not that my Australian products weren’t good. The issue was that the products were made to suit Australia’s climate, not America’s. One big lesson I learned during my travels was that sometimes it’s best to use products that are made in the country you’re visiting (for your unique skin type of course!) because they’re specially formulated to work in that environment. It made all the difference for me!

Seek professional support

If we leave our skin to suffer while we’re on holidays we’ll have a lot of time consuming groundwork to make up for when we get home. In order to prevent this, and if all else fails, seek some professional support while you’re away. If you need support, I offer virtual Skin Consultations or, you could seek support from a local where you’re visiting.

And there you have it beauty, my tips for caring for your skin and general wellbeing while travelling. It really is very simple - it just takes some TLC, planning and research. Your skin, emotions and travel buddies (haha) will thank you for it!

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