How to Care For Your Skin in Winter


It's that time of the year friends! WINTER!

The time when your skin starts to dry out and become sensitive, flaky and dull, and when your makeup just doesn't sit quite right. This is the time when we need to invest real time into looking after and nourishing our skin.

If this is something you can relate to, know that you're not alone sister! And lucky for you, I'm here to gift you some tips to get your skin back to its prime!

When speaking about Winter skin, it's important to make a differentiation between dry skin and dehydrated skin.

Dry skin is in fact a skin condition and something you are usually born with (liken it to a body type if you will). Those with dry skin produce natural oils slowly and have a tendency to experience symptoms, like redness and flakiness, all year round. Some people also experience dry skin as a result of improper product use (more on that below!)

Dehydrated skin on the other hand is not something you are born with but rather, a skin issue that's impacted by factors like your environment and diet. 

So, how do we treat dry and dehydrated skin?

  • Those with dry skin should AVOID oil free products, particularly during Winter. Oil free products strip the skin of its natural oils thus creating further drying. Oil rich products are crucial to the health of dry skin! Trust me, your skin is yearning for it!

  • Those with dehydrated skin should use water based products. Products containing Hylauronic Acid are perfect as this ingredient helps to bind moisture to the skin. Our friends with dehydrated skin also need to ensure they're drinking LOTS of water! Though it's normal to want to decrease your water intake during Winter, your skin simply can't thrive without it!

  • As cosy and comforting as it is to use electric blankets, heaters, saunas and steam rooms during Winter, they are in fact, drying your skin out (sorry!) Yes, saunas and steam rooms are good for your skin and general health in small doses, but try not to go overboard during Winter when your skin is already having to compete against the natural elements. If you simply can't live without your heater, don't sit too close to it. And if your electric blanket is your bestie, try giving it a break throughout the night and just turning it on to heat your bed up of an evening and warm you of a morning

  • As tempting as it may be to have scorching hot showers when it's cold out, it's not doing your skin any favours. Instead, dial down the heat (just slightly!) and wash your face with lukewarm water. Such small shifts like this will have a huge impact on your skin

  • Look after your body by dry brushing, exfoliating and using a nourishing moisturiser after every shower

  • Look after your hair (you may have noticed that it too is drying out?!) by gifting it a weekly hair mask, using high quality products and getting regular trims.

As I shared in this article, your skin care should change as the seasons change. The moisturiser you use in Winter, won’t be the best moisturiser for your skin in Summer - what will hydrate you in Winter, will only make your skin oily as the weather heats up.

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